Where is TRUTH ? It, Lies in the opposite direction.

TRUTH IS: Lies in the opposite direction. (TRUTH IS OPPOSITE DIRECTION) 4 WORDS, a million answers

Just a few days ago I had a visitor, a long time friend, I’d not seen or talked with in 5ish yrs.
His success, slightly below or on par with mine, although his book based intelligence would likely be at a higher level than mine.
It was a long visit having multiple focuses, that lead to much discussion and reminiscing.
( Now those of us that have been awakened for nearly a decade. When we encounter another person that we care about, and seek to share information with. We nearly always overexpose them, or overload them, with far more and deeper information than they can handle or are ready for.)
At the mid point of his visit. He asked; Do you remember the last time we spoke, 4 or 5 years ago?
I replied; Vaguely, but not really so much.
“He continued”; Well, when we last spoke you told me 4 crazy things that floored me and went against all I believed or ever knew. When I hung up the phone, I laughed out loud, and made fun of our conversation for days after. I thought you had completely lost it, you’d soon be committed, were dumb, stupid, crazy, joking, you name it. I didn’t know what to think of what you had told me, about the world and reality at that time.
But, I kept it in the back of my mind, even without knowing I had.

(and then he stuck out his right hand, in a I want to shake your hand gesture.) … and said.; One of the reasons I had stopped by. Was, to tell you. ” I remembered our conversation, and I’m not laughing about it, or at you anymore.” “Everything you told me, was true then and now, and I’ve seen everything you said would happen, happen.” “I can see now.” “Thank you.”

Now, I don’t specifically remember what information, I had shared with him. But, based on all he said, I’ve got a close idea.

———- The best thing I could ever tell, show, or share with any other person. Is this; ( Everything that you have EVER IN YOUR LIFE seen on television, is false, agenda driven, or manipulative in some way. The more ANYTHING is repeated one way, the stronger the likelihood that the TRUTH is the opposite direction.)


About scrapgoldexpert

Long-time business owner. U. S. hard goods mfg. wholesaler marketer etc. semi-retired I was and am a U. S. wire products, (such as housewares, and retail store racks), manufacturer. I had met and far surpassed my financial goals in the period from 1985-1991. So, I reset my goals higher. Then NAFTA hit, decimating U. S. mfg businesses like mine. I then went from 135 employees to 7 in the period from 1992-2010. Big box stores, and Wal-mart took my stocking store, customer base from 4,500+ stores stocking my lines, to approx. 60. Most of those missing previous customers, store-chains, shops, are now importing goods from china, or out of business. Interest rates are currently in clown-ville and have been for a decade plus. Inflation, while also being hidden by package size or design and dollar devaluation are rampant and publicly, understated. All helping to decrease the effectiveness and stability of most retirement income plans. I am growing and regrowing several old and new businesses. The major of which would be Mathews Wire inc. , Wholesale World, and Cash Now. and the minors would be teaching precious metals buying, sharing picking tips, antiques, etc. tips on a youtube channel ScrapGoldExpert, selling on eBay seller; mwire and other various on and off line pursuits.
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    All should keep this very fresh in their mind when absorbing the so-called latest news events.


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