Extreme levels of moisture in the atmosphere causes what?


Approximately 3 years ago and quite by accident I began to monitor the levels of moisture in the air at my home in central Indiana, against my will and by necessity. ( I wont go into how this came about and how it continues to be the case, just bear with me on this as the fact of my life’s current situation. ) Over the stated time period I have noticed a dramatic change and 60-70% of that change has only taken place in the last 30ish days beginning around the end of June 2016.

According to my measurement method and at my location in central Indiana only, I’m seeing what appears to be a spike in atmospheric moisture concentration of at least 600% but to be truthful I think it leans more towards an 800%  increase in our air moisture content.!   I have little to no idea why, or even if it is a good or bad thing.

So out of curiosity I did a few searches, and found that in recent posts from private and public sources it is well know, very talked about, and not at all good.

Some links; recent –





Ellicott City Flood — 1,000 Year Event Looks a Lot Like One of the Rain Bombs of Climate Change






I’d love your feedback and observations / thoughts on this………



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