A test how many searches will find this blog

On the grid all angles are employed to keep our land traffic numbers up – Even half-naked dancing pixel girls are not off limits.

A test how many searches will find this blog

second life – in-world grid   post   Transcript of promotion IW IM log notes
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨MWAH!!!!

⊱❊✯═ OYO═✯❊⊰
36 Crazy SALE Bundles
females 199
males 299
LTD #avail some live

earn a commission
on each sale.
Don Juan Giovanni: Version 1.01
Male White Clipped with Purple eyes and Brown hair
Age: 12 days
2. Generation
Mother: Stardust with Spiral eyes
Father: White-One Clipped with oYo eyes
bid board auction runs
2 more days HERE-

⊱OYO Horse lot MEC⊰
Pregnant mares NATIVES
also Herd of OYO ELEPHANTS
Fuzzy Buzzy Gremlin pets
200 bundles very colorful
⊱❊✯Most Beautiful✯❊⊰
⊱✯Horses on the Grid✯⊰

⊱OYO Horse lot MEC⊰
Booth at OYO market
Unicorns Red Roan
Natives n Colorful uniques
⊱❊✯Most Beautiful✯❊⊰
Fuzzy Buzzy Gremlin pet
⊱✯Horse HERD Location✯⊰

OYO the NEW Horse in Town

A Herd of ELEPHANTS! New MEC group endeavor
⊱oyo HORSE 10 packs⊰
See the Hi-Quality oYo Elephants
A Herd of oYo horses & ELEPHANTS
FuzzyBuzzy GREMLIN like pets too http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Commerce%20Island/121/89/21
80’s classic rock and free L$ Vaults
American Indian horse lot
LOTs of Pregnant mares NOW
oyo BULK HORSE 10 packs
⊱❊✯Now Available✯❊⊰
Kittys returned home
Specialize in Special Eyes
One outstanding Mega avail
w/ Kaleidescope eyes
⊱❊✯55L KittycatS 55L✯❊⊰

Hi-Quality oyo Elephants
What sets oYo Breed-ables apart?
Higher quality = greater eye appeal
Eat less = cheap to keep
Mature & Reproduce faster
= Easy to breed / better profit margins
New accessories, Limited Editions
& innovations being released wkly
Selling is VERY brisk in the after market &
at a wide range of price points

Hi-Quality oyo Elephants too
Have You Seen the NEW Horse in Town?
American Indian horse lot
LOTs of Pregnant mares NOW
At my Breeding lot NO HORSE
gets left un-priced
OYO Native American horses
The finest oYo herd on the grid
Seen the NEW Horse in Town?
MEC group play list 04/16

for fun plus. Custom YT
SL promotional videos made for
your in-world business.
We Specialize in Special Eyes
KittycatS live and boxes
⊱❊Exotic & Rare EYES❊⊰
⊱❊✯55L KittycatS 55L✯❊⊰
Ancient Assyrian market m/t/yes
Live KittycatS 99L and up
Here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Commerce%20Island/110/45/24
New Born boxes 55L ea. !!!!
⊱❊✯45L KittycatS 45L✯❊⊰

⊱❊✯Fuzzys out the Wazoo✯❊⊰
Funny Fuzzy Gyzmo pets
Fuzzy Buzzy on Commerce Isl.
Funny Fuzzy Gyzmo pets
like in the 80’s Gremlins movie
see the toys in action
⊱❊✯ Fuzzy UFO Display ✯❊⊰
WE HAVE just a few Fuzzys
they’ll make you laugh.
Many other oYo pets here now
Herd of oYo Elephants nearby

⊱❊✯Fuzzys out the Wazoo✯❊⊰
⊱❊✯55L$Fuzzys 99L$✯❊⊰

I $BUY from your inventory
KittycatS in boxes
KittycatS official toys 110Lea.
Kitty gems p.o.r.
LOWEST PRICE Bulk resale deals –
IM me we’ll hook up or
we may handle it via mail
kittycats brand I pay 40L
all normal size and
400L for all mega
Also wanted Cheeky Raccoons
I’ll pay 25L ea. it is an older
animated Raccoon gatcha
NEED CASH? I buy KittycatS

Mansion Estates MEC group
Bulk area
Ancient Assyrian market m/t/yes
⊱❊Furniture from SL’s best❊⊰
⊱Boxed Mansion Liquidation⊰
48 Funny Fuzzy Gyzmo pets
KittycatS roaming priced Kittys
⊱2015 builder Year in a box⊰
More VAULT Craziness
here now limited time
…: *★ ♫ ¸。☆
☆。¸ ¸*•. * `•. * ´.•´
✫ `•.❤ ӇƛƤƤƳ★ ♫`¸.•* ¸。☆
☆。¸ `•.¸ `• ƝЄƜ *´.•´`¸ ✫
☆。¸ .•´ƳЄƛƦ! °° * .•*´
♫ ♥*.*`.•´ * °¸.•❤ ¸。☆
☆。¸¸*•. ❤ ✫ °` •`°`¸.•*
\ ° ° /
\2016 /
\ ° /
\ ° /
| |
| |
| |
KittycatS more roaming
priced Kittys than anyone.
Now many new births
Need a laugh / Fuzzy
names U R gonna
wanna change
161 live KittycatS
to play with or buy
Exotic & Rare eyes

PromoVids for your location
161 live KittycatS here
Official KittycatS
toys 100L under cost
Mansion Estates main

PromoVids for your location
KittycatS toys 100L less
here than KittycatS sim.
110 live KittycatS
to play with or buy
Felines with
names U R gonna
wanna change.
JUST Birthed
some RARE and UN-
WW-Fairys chk-em out
110 live KittycatS

122 live cats Kitty
Price Wars on Commerce Isl.
low price Bulk packs.
Visit / Pets / live cats to play with
Ancient Assyrian market m/t/yes
KittycatS toys 100L less
here than main sim.
122 live cats Kitty
Price Wars on Commerce Isl.

121 live cats
low price Bulk packs.
Visit see new things /
Pets / live cats to play with
Ancient Assyrian market kit
Custom signs, made to order.
Commerce Island (74,85,22)
121 live cats KittycatS toys
100L less here than main sim
Mansion Est Bulk Resale * Has Fuzzy & Fairys Too ⊱❊✯═══════════════✯❊⊰
✶✶Funny Fuzzy Gyzmo pets
Liquidation of 2 GLD mansions
original furniture,
121 live KittycatS / Fuzzy Buzzy pets,
Bulk resalable pkg deals –

Mansion Est Bulk Resell *
Has 113 Live KittycatS for you
to play with or buy
Fuzzy & Fairys Too
Rare and unusual eyes
Kittens area set up here now.
KittycatS brand

New items daily, free group gifts.
invite friends / Join MEC Group / Add Mansion to your Picks
Voice Sim.

Cats & Fuzzys with
funny names
you’ll wanna change LOL.
RARE and UNcomm-
WW-Fairys chk-em out
It all comes in a huge decorative Christmas ball +++

Rebates ending as I re-tag everything at half price or Less
It all comes in a huge decorative Christmas ball. Mansion Estates Liquidation – 2015 Holiday note card PILE-UP 🙂
All full perm stuff / U R gonna wana read this NC – Not here it is inside the ball too!
I’d like to see who’s paying attention so please request yours FREE

Half your L$ back on everything Funny Fuzzy Gyzmo like pets 80′

Funny Fuzzy Gyzmo like pets 80’s Gremlins movie
Visit now get Free L$ See some of our new things/pets
furniture. bulk packs in all areas.
✶╠╣A✶╠╣A✶╠╣E✶╠╣A✶╠╣A✶ Fun Gyzmo like pets
Instant 50% cash back on every purchase.
http://www.pixeledinc.com/vault_locations_2.5.php list of vault
SLURLs and MEC vaults rate 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihQHBF3S4vM

Your MEC Friday playlist special 😉
have a great adventure

– a gift attached fun silly & pretty cool
☺ ♥ ☺
_/█\_ _/▓\_
√√ ̄ ̄√√ ̄ ̄

Ancient Assyrian market
44 roaming Fuzzy Buzzys
see all the toys in action
⊱❊✯Fuzzys out the Wazoo✯❊⊰
RARE and UN- WW-Fairys chk-em out
48 live cats & KittycatS toys
100L less here than main sim
10X Vaults very Limited time
Mansion Estates
Added high X Vaults to Mansion lands – limited time test
Visit and get your free L$ see some of our new things / pets / furniture… bulk packs – in all areas.
✶╠╣A✶╠╣A✶╠╣A✶╠╣A✶Funny Fuzzy Gyzmo pets
instant 50% cash back on every purchase – next 3days
http://www.pixeledinc.com/vault_locations_2.5.php list of our vault
SLURs and how MEC vaults rate 🙂

Mansion Estates Liquidation GLD originals anni furniture,
Bulk sky store above Commerce Island 50% cash Back
on all items KittycatS too / Fuzzy Buzzy pets, WW Fairy, more.
Bulk resalable pkg deals of all sizes and types –
New items daily, also many free group gifts sent to members.
Invite your friends to Join MEC Group / Add Mansion to your Picks for 15L

About scrapgoldexpert

Long-time business owner. U. S. hard goods mfg. wholesaler marketer etc. semi-retired I was and am a U. S. wire products, (such as housewares, and retail store racks), manufacturer. I had met and far surpassed my financial goals in the period from 1985-1991. So, I reset my goals higher. Then NAFTA hit, decimating U. S. mfg businesses like mine. I then went from 135 employees to 7 in the period from 1992-2010. Big box stores, and Wal-mart took my stocking store, customer base from 4,500+ stores stocking my lines, to approx. 60. Most of those missing previous customers, store-chains, shops, are now importing goods from china, or out of business. Interest rates are currently in clown-ville and have been for a decade plus. Inflation, while also being hidden by package size or design and dollar devaluation are rampant and publicly, understated. All helping to decrease the effectiveness and stability of most retirement income plans. I am growing and regrowing several old and new businesses. The major of which would be Mathews Wire inc. , Wholesale World, and Cash Now. and the minors would be teaching precious metals buying, sharing picking tips, antiques, etc. tips on a youtube channel ScrapGoldExpert, selling on eBay seller; mwire and other various on and off line pursuits.
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