OYO Virtual Animals SL V2 Horse Traits and rarities



via V2 Horse Traits and rarities

oYo Breedables RFL of IW fundraising page is up!

oYo is proud to now be up on the RFL fundraising page so we can both raise those funds in world and via the internet so everyone can donate to such a worth while charity! Big or small every donation makes a difference!


As a memory of the summer of ’69 we prepared a little set of Hippie Phants as a special release. T

he Pack out in the Elephant main shop for sale consists of 2 special bundles, food and peanuts, with the following traits:

Green Earth (common)
Peace Elephant (common)
Love Elephant (rare)
Op Art Elephant (rare)

New eyes: GreenEarth (common), Peace (common), Love (rare), OpArt (rare)

Offsprings of these will be:

Earth Kid (common)
Peace Kid (common)
Love Kid (rare)
Op Art Kid (rare)
Rasta Phant (rare)
Psychodelic (rare)

Second Life:

Mansion Estates OYO Horse lot NATIVES
OYO ELEPHANTS Fuzzy Buzzy Gremlin pets
WW Fairies & food vendor
pets breeding selling bulk items
are still avail here just in far larger packs.
BRING a HORSE BUYER earn a commission
on each sale. We have pet,
bundle gatcha machines
Horses 99L- 500L Fuzzys 55L
KittycatS 55L Elephants 299-399L
Members can invite and post / spam to this group.
GLD furniture KittycatS resalable pkg deals
New items daily free group gifts
IM – Owner ScrapGoldExpert ..with any questions..Thank you

About scrapgoldexpert

Long-time business owner. U. S. hard goods mfg. wholesaler marketer etc. semi-retired I was and am a U. S. wire products, (such as housewares, and retail store racks), manufacturer. I had met and far surpassed my financial goals in the period from 1985-1991. So, I reset my goals higher. Then NAFTA hit, decimating U. S. mfg businesses like mine. I then went from 135 employees to 7 in the period from 1992-2010. Big box stores, and Wal-mart took my stocking store, customer base from 4,500+ stores stocking my lines, to approx. 60. Most of those missing previous customers, store-chains, shops, are now importing goods from china, or out of business. Interest rates are currently in clown-ville and have been for a decade plus. Inflation, while also being hidden by package size or design and dollar devaluation are rampant and publicly, understated. All helping to decrease the effectiveness and stability of most retirement income plans. I am growing and regrowing several old and new businesses. The major of which would be Mathews Wire inc. , Wholesale World, and Cash Now. and the minors would be teaching precious metals buying, sharing picking tips, antiques, etc. tips on a youtube channel ScrapGoldExpert, selling on eBay seller; mwire and other various on and off line pursuits.
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