I was happy about: Donald Trump , Then I saw this – Ignore title but please watch it, read between the lines. Now I’m Scared


I was happy about: Donald Trump , Then I saw this – Ignore title but please watch it, read between the lines. Now I’m Scared


frightened, afraid, fearful, startled, nervous, panicky, alarmed, intimidated; More

I don’t even know what the subject of this video is supposed to be but to me it’s meaning is crystal clear.

It means that all elections, all candidates from after Regan till now ( how they acted, how we perceived them, what they did, where we are ) have and has went exactly as planned and this one now has also.

It means this is the one.

It means Donald is a pure Cabalist

It means the end of all that is good.

It means the powers that be, are going to run one final big big big game on the sheep of the World in all areas of a person’s life Culture, Religion, Health, financial, any I left out – Then total destruction, and to what end? Who knows. Perhaps, think Georgia guide stones.

This is the most important, life changing and saddest thing you will likely ever watch if you can grasp its underlying meaning.

All Credit goes to :   YouTube channel  UrBrain Wash

Published on Nov 10, 2016

via The Flat Earth : Donald Trump The Beginning of the End – YouTube

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